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What he is saying:

  • Why are you accusing me of being a rapist?
  • Why does being male automatically make me rapist?

What he isn’t saying:

  • I should have the right to rape
  • Women are here for my enjoyment
  • It is always the victims fault
  • Women should not have the right to feel safe

Stop being ignorant.

If you go around point the finger, screaming ‘stop raping’ at every man you come across as your own pathetic attempt to end rape culture then you are only really making yourself look like a bigoted idiot.

I shouldn’t really have to say it but it seems to have slipped most of you minds so I will… believe it or not if you start screaming ‘you’re a rapist’ at people, they are going to get offended!

A nice bit of psychology for you:
If you keep telling someone they are something, they are going to believe it. If you keep telling someone their fat, they’re more likely to get an eating disorder. If you keep telling someone they’re stupid, they’re more likely to under-perform. If you keep telling people they’re rapists, you know what they’ll eventually think?
“Well, people keep telling me I’m a rapist and I’m already being blamed for being a rapist so I must be a rapist” - AND THEN THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO RAPE.

If you make men feel like rapists (even when they aren’t), they are going to be rapists, don’t you get it? 

I am tired of this, HOW can these people say being a violent sexual aggressor is the same as having an eating disorder? How can these people in one breath say “IT’S NOT HAPPENING” then in another tell women it wouldn’t happen to them if they didn’t drink, wear things, talk, go out alone, at night, in certain area’s or even EXIST! 

Again it isn’t men’s fault they rape, it’s clothes, actions, again it’s women’s fault we get raped. 

Again it isn’t men’s fault they rape, it’s clothes, actions, again it’s women’s fault we get raped. 

So, you are playing the ‘if it’s not his fault, then it’s her fault game’? You haven’t even realised that you aren’t even helping abolish rape culture you are just transferring the blame from one innocent person to another and one that could even be a victim themselves?

You seem to believe that if we don’t blame the male gender as a whole, for rape, then we have to blame the victims without taking into account the other reasons that people… yes people, rape?

This is why I will never take this feminist idea if rape culture seriously. You have created a culture, not in which rape has been normalised, but in which the only type of rapist are those who pray on innocent young girls because of the way they have dressed or there state of mind then being so intent on not placing any place on the victims you have turned to point the finger at the only group of people who fit your stereotype of what this rapist is.

You will never take into account that there are rapists out there that don’t care about clothing or alcohol consumption, the majority, because that would involve acknowledging that bad people exist and taking some responsibility of looking after yourself against the rapists who don’t care about your rights a women, and will just be looking for an easy target.

Plus the tiny little fact that large numbers of men are raped by women.





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oh my god.

#raccoons #okay no fuck raccoons #do I have a story for you guys #so when I was a wee little bean sprout #my parents were like let’s go to stanley park and we’ll get tandem bikes #and we will ride around the breakwater #it will be charming #a nice family adventure #and okay it probably would have worked out #except we stopped for lunch and for dessert I got an ice cream cone #I was pretty pumped on life at that point #and when we walk out there’s a little trail by the bushes #and there’s a little raccoon dude #like this #sittin there all sad #and I crouch down to get a good look at him and his mama comes out of the bushes #and before anyone could do much of anything #and because I was a kid and was too dumb to stand up and walk away #(Disney movies probably had a lot to do with what I assumed wildlife was like at that point) #the mama raccoon walks right up to me #reaches out with her little raccoon feet #and very gently takes the ice cream out of my hands #aND JUST TRUNDLES OFF WITH IT LIKE NBD #and to this day it’s the only part of the bike trip I remember#raccoons man #not to be trusted- tags by mumblefox

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This is how you know they’re actually brothers.

this is my favourite scene in the movie i’m not even kidding

I love this scene the most, because Loki is somewhat trying to help and Thor is just done.




this one’s better




the only thing that makes this better is that that chick is black widow




the only thing that makes this better is that that chick is black widow


I look around, there’s baby pictures of me everywhere. - Sheng Wang (x)



my headcanon sirius has a magic tattoo of a moon on his upper left shoulder and it changes to match the phase of the moon so he never forgets even in azkaban bye

this is the worst thing to ever happen to me